January 29, 2010


olive oil/ coconut oil/ palm oil
(marseille soap)

made curry chicken for dinner (match with the yellow theme)!
haha... very mo liu & chi sin!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
after few days, my alkanet root soap turns to purple now. yeah~~

January 28, 2010

infused evoo

露絲瑪莉 & 薑皮 ~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~
an extreme cold weather alert has been issued. SO..windy outside!

i created a page while i had nothing to do at home this afternoon. just for fun! ^_^
( my friends just told me that they have tried several times to open the link but failed. so strange!)
( sounds like the page is working fine right now. it's really weird! )

January 25, 2010


olive oil/ corn oil/ castor oil/ coconut oil/ vegetable shortening/ +french pink clay

January 22, 2010

grayish blue

olive oil (alkanet root infused)/ almond oil/ castor oil/ coconut oil/ palm oil/ mango butter/ +lavender EO

alkanet root

January 20, 2010


50% evoo (alkanet root infused)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
my unhealthy left over take out lunch

January 16, 2010


a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti, your help is needed.

January 11, 2010

hair bar

何首烏洗髮皂camellia oil/ olive oil/coconut oil/ palm oil/ castor oil/shea butter/ +jojoba oil / +何首烏powder

January 7, 2010

roll cake

especially for my dearest friend.

January 4, 2010