March 25, 2010


sweet almond oil/ olive oil/ castor oil/ coconut oil
my first time to cook 臘肉炒芥蘭

March 21, 2010

ginger soap

sweet almond oil/ olive oil/ jojoba oil/ coconut oil/ palm oil / +ginger powderjojo, thanks again for the stamps. i love it to death. miss you! ^^

March 9, 2010

katsu curry don

- dean & deluca magnets. love them all! kawaii.

- how can i make blue color soaps like these?

March 4, 2010

to-do list

in year of the tiger
the list in my mind so far:

- be a kind person

- do more exercise, lose 22lbs.

- don't eat too much junk food

- go to play golf this summer

- clean up my messy home

- save money, stop buying useless things.

- make 香醬燜牛筋腩

- make 咕嚕肉

- perfectly 斬好一隻雞

- practice/improve sewing & crochet skills

- sew an apron and a new mask for soap making

- sew a tool bag for crafting tools

- make ginger soap

- buy a 可羅米

my dearest friends, please keep supporting me this year. thank you! xoxo

March 3, 2010

black bean

this is homemade 黑豆槳.
it's not black in color, do you believe it?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
whipped rose handcream for jojo.
evening primrose oil/ rice bran oil/ jojoba oil/ vitamin e/ rose water/ rose eo

March 1, 2010

sweet orange

sweet orange marseille soaps
olive oil/ coconut oil/ palm oil/ shea butter/ +jojoba oil/ +sweet orange eo
sweet orange lip balms