January 1, 2007

about dapan

I'm a panda addict;

I'm a macaron lover;

I'm a home chef of my family;

I'm a sous chef in mom's kitchen;

I'm a gardener of my herbs garden;

I'm a housekeeper in my own house;

I'm a freelance food photographer when the right projects come along;

I'm a crafter when I have nothing to do at home;

I'm a big fan of food network;

Last but not least, I'm a small potato. ☺

~ Write to dapan at smalldapan[at]gmail[dot]com ~


  1. Capture the light, burn the sensor, record the beauty of life.

  2. Hi! I am working on a book about artistic soapmakers and would love to include your work. I have looked for a direct email address to contact you but can't seem to find one. If you can please email me at debbie(at)soapylove(dot)com I would love to tell you more about the project.
    Thank you!