February 25, 2009

blueberry scones

rich, light & flaky sconesrecipe from the best of america's text kitchen 2009

February 23, 2009

portuguese egg tart

my lunch today - day old portuguese egg tarts from t&t

February 19, 2009

don't be lazy

i haven't had much motivation to move recently.

found some nice recipes from the best of america's test kitchen 2009, cook's illustrated.
lazy enough, have to move myself away from the couch.

in respect of copyright, it's not available to share the recipes in this post.

February 17, 2009

alphabet stamps giveaway

just found out i bought double of them.
interested to take one home?
please choose one & leave a comment in this post, first come first serve.
wherever you are from, the stamps will be sent to you! ^_^

February 16, 2009

steamed turnip cake

my first homemade 蒸蘿蔔糕, not same as 煎蘿蔔糕.~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~
sealing wax~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~

February 14, 2009


morisot - mille-feuilles, puff pastry layer with hazelnut cream, vanilla cream with sliced peach, milk chocolate layer (rahier) bentos (taro's fish)

February 12, 2009

raspberry symphony

and happy valentine's day to all of you! ♥

my first homemade 梅菜扣肉 (one of my missions)
slightly adapted from annie leong's recipe

February 11, 2009


homemade 燒肉

February 7, 2009

dessert night

colbert - coconut dacquoise, white chocolate, coconut mousse and passion fruit cream
mocha & chocolate éclairmacaron macaron macaronbought them from rahier

happy birthday to you! ^o*

February 6, 2009

pizza take-out

my favourite pizza - al salmone by o&b ~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~

beautiful personalized apron, wish someone will get me a black one with "dapan" on it. ^^

February 3, 2009


recipe cards & alphabet stamps from michaels for $1.5/pack~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~
making 洋蔥鴨. (one of my missions)