February 19, 2009

don't be lazy

i haven't had much motivation to move recently.

found some nice recipes from the best of america's test kitchen 2009, cook's illustrated.
lazy enough, have to move myself away from the couch.

in respect of copyright, it's not available to share the recipes in this post.


  1. Blame it on the weather! You won't be feeling so lazy when it gets warmer.

  2. hope so! snowing & -18'c with windchill right now. when will spring come? :(

  3. wooooo, I can't read the best of america's test kitchen (〒﹏﹏﹏〒)but only cook's illustrated from web. Thanks for your nice sharing, dapan!

  4. yes, it must be the weather.. it's too cold over at your place and it's too humid over here... i also don't have any motivation to do anythings either...