July 29, 2010

matcha mousse cake

green tea and white chocolate mousse cake
topped with a layer of orange glaze and dark chocolate base finish
(baked made this with maggie)

cotton seed oil/ olive oil/ palm kernel oil/ coconut oil/ cocoa butter
+cocoa powder/ +beta carotene/ +green clay/ +紫花苜蓿葉粉
(dessert series no.1)

July 20, 2010

little business

i have been receiving some enquiries on handcrafted soaps in the past few months, and now i guess it's time to officially announce my little online shop - [ dapan handmade ]
(.... more items coming soon)

July 19, 2010

chamomile baby

avocado oil/ olive oil (calendula infused) / palm kernel oil/ shea butter/ +organic chamomile powder

July 14, 2010

felt soap

first time to make felt soap
thanks maggie for the beautiful handmade swirl soap.

July 13, 2010