July 14, 2010

felt soap

first time to make felt soap
thanks maggie for the beautiful handmade swirl soap.


  1. hey i finally bought alkanet root home tonight.
    how long should it be immersed in the oil ?

  2. hmm... it really depends.
    please read the messages from maggie: http://idapan.blogspot.com/2010/01/grayish-blue.html

  3. ashlee, and it also depends on the recipe.
    how many percentage of infused oil are you going to use in your recipe? 72%?

  4. dapan... in fact, i am using sweet almond... i am out of evo at this moment....

    but um, after 1 day immersed, the color of the oil is red ??? a beautiful wine red

    did u observe that as well?

  5. yup... that's right, wine red!
    how many alkanet roots did you use? and how many oil?

    i used 半両 alkanet roots in 850ml olive oil and let it stand for 2 months or more.

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  7. oh.. so.. i have to wait for 2 months....
    they are HKD5/両, and put about HKD4 portion in 200ml SA. haha, guess i am using too much ?

    i will get a bottle of EVO tmr, and buy more...hehe

  8. ashlee, that's mean you put almost 一両 in 200ml oil. i guess you can use it after 1 or 2 weeks.
    can't wait to see your soaps. ^^

  9. So pretty ~ I'm learning a lot about soap from reading your blog, it's like a completely new world for me!

  10. thanks kitty! i'm happy you like my blog.