January 29, 2009

projects in the year of ox

that's what i have in my mind so far:

- working hard as a moo. (most important thing)

- lose 20 lbs. (failed! 有多無減!)

- clean up my messy home or buy a bigger house.

- practice golf swing (failed! failed! failed! i didn't touch my golf clubs more than a year. sigh.)

- make 蒸蘿蔔糕. feb16, 09

- make 洋蔥鴨 (Anson Chan's recipe). done in feb 3, 09

- make a prefect 桂花馬蹄糕. (failed! can't find any good quality of 馬蹄粉 here.)

- make 東玻肉 again.

- make 西米焗布甸.

- make 梅菜扣肉 with 石澳梅菜. done! feb 12, 09

- best drop biscuits (cook's illustrated) (done!)

- blueberry scones (cook's illustrated) done, feb 25,09

- thin and crispy oatmeal cookies (cook's illustrated)

- start my first scrapbook.

- knit a scraf with pompoms for my dearest buddy.

- make felt toys for kid friends.

- learn to make 口金包.

dear friends, please support me mentally & physically! thank you!


  1. supporting you 100% mentally!!! ^__^

  2. so many things to do !
    add oil la !

  3. support support you!

    and i share the same feeling/wish:

    ~ clean up my messy home

  4. thank you thank you all of you! ^^

  5. dapan,
    you go, girlfriend!!!