January 20, 2010


50% evoo (alkanet root infused)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
my unhealthy left over take out lunch


  1. hi dapan, how long has the alkanet root been infused in oil? my first trial ended up with a purple color which faded out very soon after the soap is made. maybe need to infuse for longer time.

  2. hi joanna, my alkanet root was infused with evoo for 3 weeks.
    is that too long or too short? supposed to leave for months right?

    i just checked the soap, it turned into grayish purple color now. oh.my! >_<

  3. um.. may I know where can I get the alkanet root ? and how does it look like ?

  4. ashlee, it's called 紫草. it should be available in 藥材鋪. but i'm not 100% sure.
    i will take a pix of 紫草 for you, show you tomorrow.