January 28, 2010

infused evoo

露絲瑪莉 & 薑皮 ~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~~~
an extreme cold weather alert has been issued. SO..windy outside!

i created a page while i had nothing to do at home this afternoon. just for fun! ^_^
( my friends just told me that they have tried several times to open the link but failed. so strange!)
( sounds like the page is working fine right now. it's really weird! )


  1. oh.. cannot find the "page" too?!
    maybe you can use the function "suggest to friends".. it's located under the profile pic.

  2. ashlee, they are 風乾薑皮.

    SO STRANGE! we have no problem with the link here. i just sent the "suggest to friend" to you.
    could you please try that for me? thanks in advance.

  3. I can open the page though, and I've just become your "fan". :-)

  4. grace, you can opened the link & joined? omg.. it's really weird!
    btw, thanks for joining!