January 29, 2010


olive oil/ coconut oil/ palm oil
(marseille soap)

made curry chicken for dinner (match with the yellow theme)!
haha... very mo liu & chi sin!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
after few days, my alkanet root soap turns to purple now. yeah~~


  1. yum !!! looks like "ma dou go" !
    yum yum for the curry !

    hey, the color turns from blue to purple ? will it further change ? i want a purple soap !
    shall i start making immerse alkanet evoo immediately ?

  2. ashlee, actually, i have been wanting to make 砵仔糕 (黄糖有豆) look-a-like soap. crazy huh? but it seems quite difficult to control the color.

    i HOPE the color won't change. (fingers crossed)
    hmm.. i guess you should start to immerse the evoo if you are planning to make the soap during chinese new year. did you find alkanet root in 藥材鋪?

  3. um.. not yet... sigh.. i don't have time to go....
    how long did it take to make the immersed evoo.... ?

  4. hmm... my alkanet root has been infused in evoo for 3 weeks.