April 15, 2010

sad sad sad

82% angus beef tallow / 18% palm kernel oil

i wanna cry!
can anyone tell me what's wrong with this batch of soap??


  1. you mean those powder on top ?

    if so... probably not keeping warm with enough time and causing the soap powder appear on top.... but seems they are a bit thick to me, so i am not pretty sure

  2. ashlee, they are 1 cm thick! sigh~~

    下刀切皂時,皂的邊位全碎了,我的心也跟著碎了! >_<

  3. 1 cm is indeed pretty thick....
    did maggie comment about it ?

    it once happened in a batch of my soap (during winter time), where i was too eager to see them.... so I opened the box to have a peek... and turned out a thin layer of powder on top few hours later...
    bare in mind that we don't have heater at home in HK, so it was probably colder than your side...

  4. it made me so sad! >_<