September 9, 2009

my very first...

first batch of handmade soap ^^
and a must have equipment for soap making


  1. without reading your text, I thought you made cheese. :P

  2. 不錯喔!看起來很成功~

  3. hey, welcome to the club !
    i never thought of making a mask, you are brilliant !

    is it easy to get the soap material in Toronto ?

    i am planning a next batch using lavender :P

  4. wow!!! ashlee is right, you have also joined the soapmaking family! add oil!! waiting to see your creations!

  5. abo, oh.. i want to make my own cheese either. ^^

    maggie, hope i will receive my package soon. >_<

    ashlee, hehe.. i'm planning to make lavender soap either.
    i have to get those soap materials online, how about you? easy to get the materials in hk ?

    aileen, i will add oil! ^^

  6. um...i know there are couple of handmade soap suppliers (with classes)...

    and one "old" shop wholesaling different kinds of oil and chemical @ Sheung Wan (i usually visit this one as the owner always give me discount price)

  7. ashlee, i can't find any soap making class here.
    glad that i met a new friend 2 weeks ago, who is from taiwan & good at soap making. lucky me! ^_^

    oh.. i wanna visit that "old" shop!

  8. hi dapan,

    i wrote about this shop some time ago...
    if you come back nect time, ask me for the address.