September 23, 2009

mousse cake

raspberry white chocolate mousse
handmade soap ^^
calendula in evoo


  1. hahaha... i love your blog title!

  2. hey, i want to make the calendula evoo as well.

    last winter, i made the osmanthus evoo,
    the slight smell in the oil is very special !

  3. ashlee, i'm thinking to make rose evoo. did you ever try?

  4. oh, i'm just wondering should i use those dried flowers/ herbs with very strong scent ?
    because i found the scent of osmanthus was not strong enough in evoo, just slightly.......and it even disappeared when added in soap
    any comment ?

  5. same here same here! that's what i am concerned about.
    it's happened in calendula evoo either, the scent was disappeared when added in soap making. >_<

    and i'm worried about how's the rose evoo turns in soap making. will it turn to brown color??

  6. about the color.... last time i used rose hip tea(a concentrated one) to substitute distilled water ... color turned brown eventually.
    (unless you want a brown soap)

    if you really want the scent of rose, better use rose essential oil... but putting large amount in it.... $$$$$$$$

    not sure about "rose evoo".....i doubt there is any color change in evoo at the first place

    maybe we should ask maggie about this :P

    by the way, i use red clay to make pink/ red soap.... i still have a lot, can share some with you.

  7. large amount of rose eo = extremely expensive, not worth not worth >_<

    maggie didn't try rose evoo either, i did ask her about this in the first time when i met her .

    you are generous, ashlee. but i already have 500g of french pink clay here, that's too much.

  8. wa... french pink clay.... i am looking at those french green.... always want green soap.....

    but 500g is way too much ! it's not the matter of money.... probably will never use up.
    will they do international shipment ?

  9. exactly! probably i should mix the pink clay with floral water for masks. :-P

    i guess they don't do international shipping. as i will leave toronto very soon, so i'm sorry to say i can't help you. too bad!
    do you want pink clay? i can give/send some to you bor!

  10. hey thanks for your offer.
    i think i can get some in HK geh... don't worry...

    how long will you stay in here ?

  11. ashlee, no problem.^^
    are those clay expensive in hk?
    2.5 months.

  12. last time i bought HKD38 for a small bag, but already enough for many many batches.

    two two two.5 month ?!!!! that's very long time!
    you can make many many batches in here... hahaha...