March 19, 2009

pincushion Ⅰ

洋蔥鴨again (cooking in process)


  1. the pin cushion is adorable! i love the bears! i was a teddy bear lover when i was small. i remember standing in front of the class giving a short presentation about the history of teddy bears! hahahaha.... and i was thinking, how nice if i could enjoy your home cooked dishes in person! i love french toast... yum yum

  2. Love the pincushion, it's so cute! :)))

  3. thank you, stefanie!

    thanks aileen. my cooking skills are not that good. i think it's just some experience as i started cooking since i was 15. wish one day i can serve you a wonderful meal. ^^
    i was a super teddy bear lover when i was a kid too. but one day suddenly, i was changed to be a panda addict. hehe....