March 13, 2009

for friends

fabric from a brand new but useless pillowcase. bought some more laces yesterday. ^_^
top: $0.99/meter (buy 1 meter get 2 meters free. which means 3 meters for 99cents)
bottom: $1/meter (orginal price $2.98/meter)

have fun in march break (if you have) & have a nice weekend to all of you!


  1. I love your photos! They're very calming.

  2. what a good deal for the lace!!! and the particular one in the first photo is very nice. what is it that you made in the first picture? it looks nice.

  3. thanks aileen!
    in the first photo, they are drawstring bags.
    btw, i went to that fabric store agian last night, there's no beautiful laces left.

  4. i was influenced by you and went crazy at the fabric store couple days ago... crazy about lace!!!

  5. aileen, sorry about that! i make you 破財 right? got lots of 戰利品? show me show me!