March 2, 2009

19 meters of laces

can you resist to buy them when they are 66% off? ~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~
bitter windchills in toronto! i was freezing outside today, so cold!


  1. that is so long! what are u going to do with them?

  2. hey, what r u going to make?
    excited to see your work !

  3. i don't have any idea yet. any suggestion?

  4. of course can't resist!!! they are so pretty! is the one at the bottom of the picture pale pink in color? it's very hard to find lace in nice colors nowadays! cos most of them come in white only....

  5. beautiful laces indeed!!

    did you make those little pouches?

  6. aileen - it's pale pink strech lace but not very pale.
    btw, $6HKD/1 meter is a good deal right? or still expensive compare with those in HK?

    joanna - correct. i made those little pouches. ^^

  7. oh i think HKD6 is about right... for nicer ones (like the one you get), they are usually priced from HKD6 to 10 per meter...

  8. thanks aileen! i never bought lace & fabric in hk. they are available in sham shui po right?
    the one on the top is $3.5HKD/meter (no discount).
    i seldomly saw those pink lace here too, so i bought the rest they had in the store.

  9. yes yes... sham shui po is concentrated so it makes shopping alot easier!

    smart decision! if i were you, i would wipe out all the pink lace too! i also like brown / beige / light grey / purple ones!

    HKD3.5 is a bargain!!! well done!